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Mini-Tease Collection - Winter #4

Price: $24.00
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Like to be teased? Then this is the collection for you... 

Only one each of 6 different decadent chocolates will leave you begging for more...  

These 6 xquisite chocolates are packaged in an elegant red square box tied with a ribbon.

Achin' for Bacon

Creamy caramel featuring decadent apple wood bacon and chardonnay smoked sea salt

Champagne Super Nova

Only the finest Champagne cognac and multiple layers of creamy deliciousness could do this chocolate justice. Two layers of chocolate ganache, a dark 64% and an Ivoire, have been infused with Frapin VIP XO cognac to create the core of this supernova. Dipped in Ivoire chocolate and rolled in sparkling glitter flakes. It’s an Oasis of flavor… Part of Lost in the 90's Collection

2012 Award Winner International Chocolate Salon

Dirty Girl

Not what you'd expect at all. Fashioned after Gwyneth Paltrow's fav dirty martini... Flavors of extra dry vermouth, olive brine and olives stuffed with pimentos all in the best French white chocolate. Surprisingly super creamy and sweet. Dare to be a little dirty?

2013 Award Winner International Chocolate Salon

Citrus & Savory

Creamy fresh lemon caramel and a fresh basil ganache inside a 72% dark chocolate (cacao Venezuela)

2016 Award Winner International Chocolate Salon

Oh Ginger Special

Creamy caramel spiked with French ginger liqueur and VSOP cognac topped with saffron sea salt from Cyprus in 64% dark chocolate  (cacao from Dominican Republic). Limited edition design

2013 Award Winner International Chocolate Salon

Kiss Me Honey – NEW!

Local honey creamy ganache in 72% dark chocolate (cacao Venezuela)  

IMPORTANT: Luxx Chocolat chocolate is created using the world's finest chocolate and the highest quality, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients - no preservatives, no artificial flavors. As a result, the shelf life of the chocolates is approximately 3 weeks. Please enjoy within that time. Luxx Chocolat cannot be responsible for the status of the chocolates after shelf life after this time.

NOTE: Warm weather shipping charge of $6 may be added to the $2 handling charge. Will not be necessary during cooler seasons.  

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