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Lost in the '90s Collection

A blast from the past... A '90s inspired collection of artisan chocolates designed for the launch of the new novel by Frank Anthony Polito called Lost in the '90s!  

The decadent chocolates....


Inspired by Kurt Cobain’s favorite bar drink, the JagerBomb. This dark chocolate rocks with creamy caramel infused with Jagermeister and Red Bull and a touch of black Hawaiian sea salt. Surprisingly, these ingredients are transformed into a delicate and flavorful caramel suitable for anyone’s palate.

All I Want

What more could you want than the food of the gods and the elixir of love? Just the chocolate please…a 72% dark chocolate shell filled with 2 layers of oh so creamy ganache, a 64% dark and a 40% milk chocolate. Toad the Wet Sprocket made this a hit in 1992 and Luxx Chocolat is making it a hit today.

Achy Breaky Heart

Love sometimes ain’t so sweet but this hand painted chocolate sure is. A velvety and sweet Ivoire crème brulee ganache fills this 72% dark chocolate broken heart. It certainly will not be a one hit wonder like this song was for Billy Ray Cyrus in 1992.

Champagne Supernova

Only the finest Champagne cognac and multiple layers of creamy deliciousness could do this chocolate justice. Two layers of chocolate ganache, a dark 64% and an Ivoire, have been infused with Frapin VIP XO cognac to create the core of this supernova. Dipped in Ivoire chocolate and rolled in sparkling glitter flakes. It’s an Oasis of flavor…

Get your own copy today of Lost in the '90s. Just scan the code or click on the cover.

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