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Contemporary Collection

Luxx Contemporary Collection in boxes of 4 and 12

A mix of savory and sweet artisan chocolates designed to awaken your palate and deliver a moment of mmmmm....

6 decadent pieces of art...

Card Oh Man – Deep dark 72% chocolate enrobes a compelling and creamy cardamom ginger dark chocolate ganache (cacao from Venezuela)

Orange Cheese Cake - Silky orange blossom ganache created with 40% milk chocolate and creamy mascarpone cheese covered in dark 64% chocolate (cacao from Dominican Republic)

Flower Power – Ivoire ganache filled with rosy deliciousness and hints of lavender enveloped in a velvety combination of 40% milk and 64% dark chocolate (cacao from Equador)

Strawberry Mint – Delicate yet refreshing mint accents luscious strawberry Ivoire ganache covered in velvety dark 72% chocolate (cacao from Venezuela)

Choco Butter Cream – Dark 64% chocolate (cacao from Madagascar) embraces a rich and smooth chocolate butter cream ganache

Thyme for Berry - Savory thyme and raspberry Ivoire ganache covered in velvety deep dark 72% chocolate (cacao from Venezuela)


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2015 event schedule - Join us!
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2015 event schedule - Join us!
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Contemporary Box of 6
Price: $22.00
Contemporary Box of 6
One taste of each of the savory and sweet Contemporary Collection