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  About Our Exclusive Group


If you love wine and fine handcrafted chocolate, you'll love our tasting group!  It’s an ongoing, interactive and decadent learning adventure. You'll socialize and meet others with the same interest.  Our group provides you with premier access to exciting events like no other!  Every tasting is different from the last, so get ready to try different and remarkable pairings of great wines and handcrafted chocolates tailored to each tasting.

Tasting cards are provided at each event for note taking and your future reference.


At each group meeting, the tasting is led by the two organizers of this group, Lisa Mecray Rogers, Master Chocolatier, and Debra Marchese, Certified Wine Maven, and feature a synchronized selection of extraordinary fine wines and artisan chocolates intended to stimulate your imagination and taste buds. Not all wine goes with chocolate so you'll learn about what makes the best match from people who know. 

 You'll be able to try many different types of wine from all over the world and build your

knowledge and palate for fine wine and artisan chocolate. 


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Membership is Easy

Free to join the group. A low one-time membership fee is included in your first tasting. You'll then qualify for discounted tastings and exclusive

members-only tasting events throughout the tri-state area. 


About Lisa: A passion for decadently delicious chocolate and handcrafted artistry is the foundation for Luxx Chocolat... Xquisite and Xtraordinary. Lisa Mecray Rogers, Chocolatier xtraordinaire and founder of Luxx Chocolat, creates each chocolate as a single piece of edible art using the world’s finest chocolate made from cacao from around the globe and the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors. Lisa is deeply passionate about chocolate, formulating every recipe and design to tantalize the taste buds as well as the eyes. Each truffle or bon-bon will take one to a place deep inside that only the taster can describe. Lisa is a certified graduate (with honors) of the acclaimed Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia and the famous L’Ecole Du Grand Chocolat at Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France. Lisa has also completed intensive chocolate course work at the French Culinary Institute in NYC.
About Debra: Debra Marchese, wine maven and founder of WINERIUM LLC, is formally trained as a pharmacist but found her passion to be the alchemy of wine. Debra is committed to demystifying and translating the complicated world of wine to make it a simple, memorable and fantastic adventure. All Winerium wine tasting events are customized to the clients’ interests or occasion. Debra earned a BS in pharmacy at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy and holds the Advanced Certificate in Wine and the Professional Certificate in Spirits from the internationally renowned Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), London, England. She is pursuing the prestigious Diploma in Wine and Spirits (DWS).








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